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Have fun and succeed on your drumming journey!

About Me

“My desire is to help you have fun and succeed on your drumming journey.”
– Christopher Pagan

My name is Chris Pagan and I am a drummer here in Southwest Florida. I have a beautiful wife and a crazy love for coffee. I have been playing drums for nearly all my life. I am self-taught and am passionate about drums and want to help spread that passion to you.

I am currently teaching private lessons at my home studio and teaching group lessons at #Hashtag Sharps School of Modern Music in Naples. I play at my local church as well as throughout SWFL and have experience instructing a drumline. I played in drumline and jazz band in high school here in Collier County under the direction of Steve DeLadurantey. I have a B.S. in Business from FGCU.



Hashtag Sharps School of Modern Music

I also teach at #Hashtag Sharps School of Modern Music. At #Hashtag Sharps, we go above and beyond learning music. We use our passion and talent for music to bring inspiration to the people around us! If you like the idea of learning music while making a difference in our community, #Hashtag Sharps is the place for you. For more information click the link below to view the website.


First of all, Thank You for everything you have done for me in learning something that I have never done before. From your time, passion, and lots of patience to your fun personality, it was awesome having you as a teacher. Never would I have thought of playing an instrument or think I could even play one, especially the snare drum, not even knowing how to read music. But, Chris gave me the opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and actually do it. After roughly 7 months of drum lessons, I learned more than I ever anticipated. I came to Chris thinking, I wouldn't be able to read music or do the cool strokes that the drummers do in this short amount of time, but I came out having learned all that and more. I was impressed with myself, knowing that after these lessons I could actually do it! I was amazed at how he did it, going from knowing absolutely nothing to knowing how to read music and playing the snare drum with all those hard strokes that I thought I would have never have been able to learn. It was an awesome experience and because of it, I am actually now a member of the Drum line, my dream ever since I first saw them play at school. Although I didnt make snares, which would have taken years of practice and experience which in my particular situation I did not have, I still tried the snare and had a blast learning how to play them, now having some background on it being on the drum line. It's only been the first day of band camp since I’ve written this and it was so much fun playing with the actual Drumline, a dream come true. I’m super excited for what the year has in store. Once again, I want to thank Chris for all that he has done to prepare me for this and I would 110% recommend him to anyone and everyone who is interested in playing the drums.
Alejandro R.